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    Scrum Lesson 08 – Scrum Principle 3 – Collaboration

    by  • December 22, 2014 • Scrum and Agile • 0 Comments

    Collaboration means that scrum core team works together and interfaces with the stakeholders to create and validate the deliverables of the project. There is a difference between cooperation and collaboration. Cooperation occurs when the product consists of sum of the work of various people of the team. Collaboration, on the other hand, occurs when...

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    Scrum Lesson 06 – Scrum Principle 1: Empirical Process Control

    by  • December 8, 2014 • Scrum and Agile • 0 Comments

    In scrum lesson 1, we learned about Scrum Principles in general. In this lesson, we’ll discuss first principle. Empirical process control is the first principle of Scrum framework. Scrum decisions are based on observation and experimentation rather than on detailed upfront planning. Empirical Process ControlĀ  relies on three main ideas: Transparency Inspection Adaptation 1....

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