• Build Xamarin Android App Start to Finish with Visual Studio Step by Step

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    In my previous posts on Xamarin Android, I explained various parts of developing Android Apps using Visual Studio with C#. We also looked into a sample app called MyBookStore. After that app, we have all the required tools under our belt to create a practical app which can be published to Android stores like Google Play store.

    The app which I’m going to show you in this post shows quotes on a screen swipe. It also shows various categories and the user can select a category to view quotes from that category. The user can also share quotes with their friends and family members using share option. The ThinkQuotes app is published on Google Play Store.

    This is how it looks like.

    Phone3 Phone1 Phone4









    The steps to create an Android app from scratch using Xamarin Android from start to finish with Visual Studio and C# are given below.

    1. Download, install, and setup Xamarin Android for Visual Studio
    2. Create a Xamarin Android project from the Visual Studio project templates under C#
    3. Create required structure of folders to handle data access, models, business logic and other aspects (coming soon)
    4. Create SQLite database to hold categories and quotes (coming soon)
    5. Add required classes and common code in your classes
    6. Create required activities and fragments (fragments will be explained in future posts)
    7. Show data on the activites
    8. Create navigation drawer menu or hamburger menu
    9. Add categories to menu drawer
    10. Add swipe effect
    11. Add implicit intent to show share options for sharing quotes
    12. Build your project
    13. Test on emulator and / or actual devices
    14. Publish on Google Play (coming soon)

    This is how the project structure of ThinkQuotes app looks like.

    thinkquotes project structure

    There are many more details involved with this project which needs to be explained in detail. So if you are interested to know more about how this app was built and how it was published on google play and see the code behind this app then share your interest by commenting on this post. If I get good feedback on this then I’ll explain this app further with all the details.


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