• Hello World with .NET Core using Command Line SDK and Tools

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    If you are new to .NET Core and just wanted to get started quickly then .NET Core command line SDK and tools is the right start. It let’s you try the Hello World application with .NET core in minutes. You only need to do very little to get started with .NET core.

    Go to the following URL and download command line .NET Core SDK and tools. As you can see in the following screenshot, you can select the Command Line environment and then download .NET Core 1.1 SDK (or whichever is latest available as you read this post).

    download command line .net core sdk

    Once downloaded, you can click the installer file, agree to the license terms, and install the .NET core SDK and command line tools.

    install .net core commad line sdk

    The .NET core SDK will be installed in a short while. It didn’t take much time on my computer. You’ll see a success message once the command line .NET core tools and SDK is installed.

    .NET Core Installation successful

    Now you’re ready to experience your first .NET core application. You only need a few commands on the command line to run a Hello World .NET core application.

    • Create a new directory for your Hello World app: mkdir HelloWorld
    • Go to this new directory: cd HelloWorld
    • Create a new project: dotnet new
    • Restore packages: dotnet restore
    • Run the HelloWorld app: dotnet run

    The above steps and commands should run a very simple HelloWorld app and show the output on your screen. See the commands and output in action in the below screenshot.

    commands on the command line to run the helloworld .net core program

    You must have got the idea how to get started with .NET core using command line tools and SDK.

    You can check the .NET Core HelloWorld project source code created with the above steps on Github.

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