• Working MyBookStore Android App Built using Xamarin, C#, and Visual Studio

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    We have been working for quite a while on building this complete Android App using Xamarin, C#, and Visual Studio. This is time to compare it with what you have built. You can also use this sample code to try building your Android app development skills.

    It was a fun journey to build a simple Android App with Xamarin and using the same .NET development tools we have been using for .NET app development.

    I have published the code on Github: MyBookStoreAndroidApp on Github

    You can explore the code on Github or download the complete project to try at your end. It is best to follow all the topics we covered to build this app, so you can learn how everything works. How pieces fit together.

    You can go through the following topics to learn more about the code, the app, and how it was built step by step:

    Have fun with this app. In the future, we’ll add more features to make it a better app. We’ll also explain soon how to publish an Android app on Google Play store and other Android app stores. Until then enjoy this sample android app.

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