• How to develop Android apps using .NET and C# using Xamarin

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    If you’re a .NET developer, who loves to build websites and web applications using Visual Studio and C#, and are missing the Android bandwagon then this is the right place to start from. 🙂

    The Java is the main language and platform for Android development and if you couldn’t get yourself to love the Java, that’s OK! Now is your turn to show the world your creativity and build useful and beautiful apps for the Android. All this within your own “comfort zone” i.e. Visual Studio, C#, and the .NET.


    Xamarin has made it easy to build your apps in C# and then publish on Android (or iOS and Windows for that matter). Xamarin has been around for quite a while now, but it was expensive for individual developers or small companies — not so anymore, I’m elaborating that! Lately, Microsoft has bought Xamarin to facilitate Microsoft .NET developers, to build apps for mobile platforms. So now, you can start with the Visual Studio Community (which is totally free) and use the Xamarin platform for free with that.


    You can download Visual Studio Community with Xamarin from VisualStudio.com. If you already have Visual Studio Communication Edition installed on your system then you can also get the Xamarin for Visual Studio Community separately and then install.


    If you have trouble adding Xamarin to Visual Studio then another simple method is to create a new Xamarin (cross-platform, android, or iOS) project in Visual Studio Community; you do have a bootstrap project to get started with bare bone Visual Studio. And this will provide you a direct link to download Xamarin for Visual Studio Community. You can use that link to download and then install Xamarin.

    Once installed, you need to restart Visual Studio Community, if it was already opened and then just create a new Xamarin project. In the upcoming posts, I’ll explain in detail how to build Android apps using Xamarin with Visual Studio and then publish those apps to Play Store. I’ll provide you detailed steps, how-tos, snapshots, and code samples to write code, build and test apps, and then publish to the store.

    This is going to be an exciting journey. You can find all the related posts in Android with C# and .NET category.

    If you have any questions about this topic then leave a comment and we’ll answer.

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