• How to permanently switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail or other email service

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    With all the rumors about Yahoo! Mail, users are trying to either auto-forward their emails to some other service provider or want to switch to other service. Yahoo! Mail has made it impossible to auto-forward emails to some other email service as they have blocked this service.

    So a better option to get rid of creepy email service for good, is to switch to a new email service permanently. To do this, you’ll have to make a little effort at the start, but then the life will become easier.

    Here are the steps to follow…

    • Unsubscribe all the newsletters and alerts from Yahoo! Mail and at the same time subscribe for the same newsletter and alerts with the service of your choice
    • List down all the accounts which use Yahoo email as the email address
    • Login to those accounts one by one and change your current email address with the new one – Almost all accounts support this feature.
    • You might have accounts for services which could not allow changing email like above. In that case, you need to list those services down and then call their customer service. They will help you replace your existing email address with the new one.

    My experience with Yahoo email have been very bad for quite long time and with this move and a little effort, I’m feeling much better and get everything in my new mail box with a different company.

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