• How to Display the Data Submitted by the User

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    Suppose we have an online book store and an online customer wants to purchase a book. Now there should be a link in our web page like “Add Book in Cart”. After click on this link, customer should have a form to fill the book’s details.

    nhojauploadonline form

    When the user click on ‘Submit’ button, the HTML submitted back to the server and addBook() method having HttpPost attribute is called which will have key-pair list of book’s properties and values. This is model binding, it is going to get the stream of data from the client to the server and will create new object called ”newBook” and from this object we are creating a new list. As shown in code below;

    Here we use session variable that are used to store and retrieve the values for the user. In the above code, we are checking if there is a book inside the session . Then we are adding the current book in the collection and updating the session. Then we are going to redirect it to the Index View as. shown in the code above.

    Now lets see the code of  Index View.

    The customer enters the book’s detail in the form and submit it. Session variable stores that value and redirect it to Index View and Index view will display the data submitted by the user. Output is shown below;

    Finalform  finaloutputnew



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