• StreamReader class in C#

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    This article describes, how to read a text file in C# language with  stream Reader class.

    • StreamReader class implements TextReader class that read sequential series of characters from byte stream in a particular encoding.

    I have added a Values.txt file in my Visual Studio project through right click the project and add new item as shown below

    ADD ITEMtxt file



    Now the following code will show , how we can read this text file through stream reader class.

    In the above code,

    • In the above code, we first reference IO, TEXT and different other libraries by keyword using like using System.IO etc
    • Then we created a stream reader object and pass the input file name as its parameter.
    • ReadLine() is a method of StreamReader class that read the line of character from current stream and returns the data as string.
    • While(line!=null) here we use line!=null condition in while loop to break the loop when there is null in line.
    • Close() method closes the streamReader object and the underlying streams and releases any system resources that are associated with the reader.

    This is how we read a text file with stream Reader class. Below is the output of this code.


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