• Scrum Lesson 08 – Scrum Principle 3 – Collaboration

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    Collaboration means that scrum core team works together and interfaces with the stakeholders to create and validate the deliverables of the project. There is a difference between cooperation and collaboration. Cooperation occurs when the product consists of sum of the work of various people of the team. Collaboration, on the other hand, occurs when a team works together to play off each other’s input to produce something greater.

    Core Dimensions of Collaboration

    1. Awareness – Individuals working together need to be aware of each other’s tasks.
    2. Articulation – Dividing work units, distribute those units among team members, and then join completed work to create a cohesive whole.
    3. Appropriation – Adapting technology to one’s own situation. Even when the technology was created for a different purpose in the first place.

    Benefits of Collaboration in Scrum Project

    1. Need for changes due to poorly clarified requirements is minimized
    2. Risks are identified and dealt with efficiently
    3. True potential of the team is realized
    4. Continuous improvement is ensured through lessons learned

    Importance of Collocation in Collaboration

    For scrum practices, high bandwidth communication is needed. For this, the team members should be collocated. This allows both formal and informal communication and interactions between the team members. Also, the team members are always at hand. Questions are answered quickly and problems are solved immediately.

    Tools for Collaboration

    There are different tools used for effective collaboration between the scrum teams. The tools can be used for collocated and distributed teams.

    Tools for Collocated Teams

    • Face-to-Face communication
    • Discussion rooms
    • Scrum boards
    • Wall displays
    • Shared tables

    Tools for Distributed Teams

    • Video conferencing
    • Instant messages
    • Chats
    • Social media
    • Shared screens
    • Software versions of scrum boards and displays




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