• Scrum Lesson 05 – Why Use Scrum and Why Scrum is Better?

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    In this lesson, we’ll have a look at the main benefits or advantages provided by scrum framework which make it better as compared to other project management approaches.

    Why Scrum is Better?

    • Uses people oriented approach and emphasizes on people involved in the project
    • Can be used for small to large projects
    • Minimal documentation is created
    • Uses iterative approach
    • Low upfront planning
    • Support collaboration of all parties involved in the project
    • Minimizes risk by continuous feedback and adaptation
    • Unpredictable and exploratory
    • It is adaptable to changing situations
    • Keeps customer value in mind
    • Collaborative instead of command and control
    • Uses decentralized approach
    • Shared value creation
    • Focuses on business value instead of plan conformity
    • Return on investment (ROI) starts early with each sprint
    • Innovative framework

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