• Scrum Lesson 03 – Scrum Roles – core roles and non-core roles

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    As we discussed in the previous lesson on Scrum Aspects, we mentioned scrum roles of two types — core roles and non-core roles. The scrum roles are part of the organization aspect. In this lesson, we’ll be discussing these roles in detail.

    1. Scrum Core Roles

    • Core roles are involved in producing project’s product or service
    • Individuals assigned core roles are fully committed to the project
    • They’re responsible for the success of each project iteration and of project as a whole
    • These roles include Product Owner, Scrum Master,  and Scrum Team

    Product Owner

    • Personally responsible for achieving maximum business value for project
    • Articulating customer requirements
    • Maintains business justification for a project
    • Represents customer’s voice

    Scrum Master

    • Ensures that scrum team has an appropriate environment
    • Guides, facilities, and teaches scrum practices
    • Clears impediments for the team
    • Ensures that scrum processes are being followed

    Scrum Team

    • Responsible for understanding product owner specified requirements
    • Creating the project deliverables

    2. Scrum Non-Core Roles

    The non-core roles are optional. These may include all team members interested in the project. They do not have formal role in the project team, but may interface with the team. They may not be responsible for the success of the project. However, these roles should be taken into account in any scrum project. Scrum non-core roles include the following:

    • Stakeholders including customers, users, and sponsors
    • Scrum Guidance Body (SGB) including documents and group of experts which guide the scrum team
    • Vendors include internal and external organizations providing services
    • Chief Product Owner coordinates work of multiple product owners in larger projects
    • Chief Scrum Master coordinates work of multiple scrum masters in larger projects


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