• How to create a stored procedure with table valued parameter in SQL Server

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    SQL Server provides a facility to create stored procedure with table valued parameter. This facility was introduced in SQL Server 2008 and it is indeed a great feature of SQL Server. Table valued parameter provides a great ease and flexibility to the development process because we can avoid constructing and parsing XML data. Now, we can also pass any number of rows and columns in a table format to a stored procedure. Well, there may be hundreds of situations where we need to pass a group of values rather than individual value to the stored procedure. Table valued parameter completes this requirement in an easy way. Let’s see how we can create a stored procedure with table valued parameter and later we will call this stored procedure by passing table valued parameter.

    First create a table in your database

    You need to create a user defined type for table and with specific structure

    Now create the stored procedure with user defined table valued parameter

    Now see how we can call this stored procedure

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