• How to import data from Excel to DataTable C#

    by  • June 24, 2013 • Microsoft .NET C# (C-Sharp), Microsoft ASP.NET • 0 Comments

    I have explained in one of my previous articles that how to export data from DataTable to Excel C#. We also need data from excel and we might need it in DataTable so this article will explain how we can get data from Excel to DataTable C#.

    Well, the process of C# Excel to DataTable is simple. You just need to get connection with excel file, retrieve data and store it in a DataTable or you may use DataSet.

    Here is the code to import data from excel to DataTable C#. You can download complete source code at the end.

    Later, you can use DataTable object for your purpose. I am using a GridView  to display data.

    . You can download complete source code at the end.

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