• Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts to Become a Power User

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    In this tutorial, we’ll show you 8 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 to become a power user and use the Windows 8 more efficiently and effectively. You can also watch the video to see these shortcuts in action.

    1. Windows Key + X shows context menu for Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer, Search and Run etc.
    2. Windows Key + E shows Windows Explorer so you can browse and find your files on the computer.
    3. Windows Key + F starts a search targeted for files and documents on your computer.
    4. Windows Key + Q starts a search targeted for applications on your computer.
    5. Windows Key + W starts a search filtering only the settings.
    6. Windows Key + , lets you peek through the start screen and see the desktop.
    7. Windows Key + P lets you choose projector settings like PC screen only, mirrored, extended, or second screen only.
    8. Windows Key + C shows time, date, and battery overlay.

    Video Tutorial on Windows 8 Shortcuts

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