• How to create Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application Project in Visual Studio 2010

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    • Start Visual Studio 2010
    • Go to File > New > Project

    Create WPF Application Project1

    • In C# or Visual Basic, select WPF Application. You can specify Name and of the application and change its location.

    Create WPF Application Project2

    • You will see on your screen something like as in the following picture

    Create WPF Application Project3

    • Drag and drop a Textbox from Toolbox from left side

    Create WPF Application Project4

    • Drag and drop a button

    Create WPF Application Project5

    • Drag and Drop a Label

    Create WPF Application Project6

    • Change the content of the button and you can also change the name of the button and other properties

    Create WPF Application Project7

    • See the name of the textbox and label as we will use it in our code. Also remove the content of the label
    • Switch to Events of button and double click on the “Click”

    Create WPF Application Project8

    • Now write following code in button click event. We are getting textbox text and setting it as label content

    Create WPF Application Project9

    • Press F5 and you will see following window on your screen

    Create WPF Application Project10

    • Write something in the text box and press button. You will see the text on the label

    Create WPF Application Project11

    • Your first WPF project is complete. You can also download it.

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